Harpin’ on the Dead

Mele from the Harp

Songs of the Grateful Dead taken higher and further on the strings of the harp, with incredible backup musicians.  The CD was released in May 2013, and is available to listen to samples, download or order the physical CD at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/anelalauren2.  Vinyl LP will be released soon.

10% of album sales go the Rex Foundation www.rexfoundation.org   Founded in 1983 by the Grateful Dead, "The Rex Foundation aims to help secure a healthy environment, promote individuality in the arts, provide support to critical and necessary social services, assist others less fortunate than ourselves, protect the rights of indigenous people and ensure their cultural survival, build a stronger community, and educate children and adults everywhere."

The cover art was a commission from the amazing William Giese (AlicornArts.com)

Review of “Harpin’ on the Dead” on Grateful Web:


"Anela Lauren’s infusion of the harp into this amazing collection of Grateful Dead songs will please not only “Deadheads”, but anyone else (young or old) who has an ear for beautifully crafted music. While I expected her harp playing to add an interesting flavor to these tunes, what I am most impressed with is her tasteful vocal interpretations. She has also surrounded herself with some very talented musicians that play with passion on every cut. Don’t miss this one!" -- Lisa Mydland Greene

“This is just an all around great CD for anyone but it is especially great if you like the Grateful Dead. If you're a harp player and like the Grateful Dead it's a must have! My husband, the harpmaker who made Anela's harp, has been listening to this CD in his shop non-stop since we got it, and he's pretty particular about what he listens to! It's a beautiful CD.” -- Thormahlen Harps


Often a Hawaiian word will have multiple meanings. ‘Mele’ (meh-lay) can mean “song(s)” or “happy”; both of these are meant here. The album is my celebration of the joyous, peaceful nature of Hawaiian music.

The mele are all traditional and contemporary Hawaiian tunes that kama’aina (locals) will recognize. I am joined on several tracks by Cindy Combs on slack-key guitar and Joe Lohmeier on cello, providing a perfect counterpoint to the harp.

This is an instrumental album, and was created for relaxation, massage, yoga, healing, or as ambience for work or play.


"While listening to this CD, it would not be difficult to close your eyes and imagine the surf coming ashore while colorful birds dance in the mist of a nearby waterfall. The mood of this CD is absolutely magical - definitely great for relaxing or entertaining."

Elizabeth Paine,
Folk Harp Journal

"I love this CD soooooooo much! Every time any of us play it on KKCR, the phone lights up with callers asking "where can I get this???"

Aloha, Auntie Maria DJ,
Kaua'i Community Radio



Listen to samples of all songs here

Hi Anela,

Thanks again for your fantastic CD  that I bought at the gift store at the garden tour. I am a Yoga instructor and my members love your harp CD.


Good luck and thanks for sharing your wonderful talents.


Lynne & Ron

Dear Anela,

Just a note to tell you how much we are enjoying your lovely Mele from the Harp CD. It played in the car the entire time we drove around beautiful Kaua’i and now it fills our home in the Berkshire Hills where snow still covers the ground. It’s beautiful music in any setting. Thank you.

Jan Tuckman